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air compliance assistance

air compliance assistance
confidential industrial- and commercial-laundry client

documenting emissions in an overlooked industry enables strategic compliance management

Barr’s work for an industrial- and commercial-laundry company with more than 50 facilities in 28 states set the standard for characterizing air emissions in that industry. Neither regulators nor those in the industry had studied in depth the emissions released during laundering of towels used by print shops, vehicle-repair garages, and other industrial facilities.

Our client wanted to ensure that its facilities had appropriate air permits while taking a lead role in environmental stewardship. The company turned to Barr for our air-quality permitting expertise and experience testing emission sources in the commercial-laundry industry. Starting with that knowledge base, our team compiled additional information about emissions arising from the industrial washers and dryers used by our clients. Using that data we developed standard emission factors for the equipment used and substances released to the air during the laundering process.

While we used the new emissions data to assess each plant’s air permit our client was able to focus on daily compliance tasks and corporate environmental policies and programs.