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wastewater compliance analysis

wastewater compliance analysis
confidential industrial-services client

environmental analysis improves process performance, reduces reactive problem-solving

Barr’s work with an industrial- and commercial-laundry company with more than 50 facilities in 28 states helped it shift from reacting to wastewater-treatment problems as they arose to proactively managing compliance by modifying the treatment system's design, operation, and monitoring.

Our client asked for help resolving wastewater-treatment issues related to pH control and removal of solids and metals. Working with the company's engineering and environmental staff, Barr analyzed the facilities' permits and wastewater-treatment systems. Through a combination of permit modifications, equipment optimization measures, design updates, and process improvements, we reduced the frequency and severity of problems, increased process reliability, and minimized the amount of time that staff spent troubleshooting and resolving compliance issues.