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Surly Brewing Company brewery development

Surly Brewing Company brewery development

turning an unused industrial complex into a vibrant destination brewery

Surly Brewing Company isn’t afraid of a challenge. When the company wanted to expand its operations, it proposed a $20 million destination brewery complete with restaurant and beer garden—then waged a year-long battle to change a state law prohibiting breweries from selling pints of their own beer. Surly won.

When selecting the location for its new craft brewery, Surly sidestepped easy options and chose a Minneapolis site with a long history of industrial use and potential contamination. The company’s owner could see that it offered proximity to a light rail line, bicycle paths, and the University of Minnesota, as well as a chance to help jump start urban renewal in the area.

To understand any potential environmental concerns at the site due to historic industrial operations, Barr assisted Surly with Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. We also helped the City of Minneapolis secure $2.5 million in brownfield cleanup grants and loans from local, county, and state agencies to assist with the site characterization and remediation process.

Barr also worked closely with the architect and construction company to take into account environmental and soil conditions in the design of the new brewery. Barr assisted Surly and their design team with detailed cleanup specifications and bidding, provided remediation oversight during construction, designed a vapor barrier system, and upgraded the deep groundwater supply wells. Construction is now complete on Surly's destination brewery, which opened to the public in December 2014.