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fish barrier evaluation for Rum River Dam

fish barrier evaluation for Rum River Dam
City of Anoka

physical and hydraulic barriers recommended

Barr evaluated Asian carp characteristics and the geometry and pool elevations of the Rum River Dam to confirm that the carp could jump over the spillway during high tailwater conditions.

We determined that new gates along the dam crest to raise the reservoir water surface were the most practical method to create a physical fish barrier. However, this could flood properties upstream of the dam during high flow conditions. Barr identified an additional solution that required openings through each dam bay. The water velocity through the openings would be higher than the burst swim speed of Asian carp, preventing them from passing through. We recommended submerged hydraulic slide gates that close off flow to the openings during low flow conditions and gradually open as river flows increase. The openings and gates could also be operated to manage ice flows and upstream ice jams.

Barr assessed the structural integrity of the spillway and confirmed that the dam could accommodate the modifications, but recommended additional analysis to determine the appropriate size and geometry of the openings. We also developed estimated construction costs for the recommended modifications.