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peaking-plant permitting and engineering

peaking-plant permitting and engineering
Lakefield Junction LLP

single-source assistance facilitates development of peaking plant

Lakefield Junction, LLP, a partnership between NRG Energy, Inc., and Tenaska, Inc., retained Barr to help develop an independent power project in southern Minnesota. The 550 MW natural-gas-fired combustion turbine plant provides a source of peaking and reserve power on short notice for the regional electrical system.

Barr worked with our client and its legal consultants under strict time constraints to meet two regulatory challenges:

  • demonstrating a need for the plant, as required by the Public Utilities Commission before it would issue a certificate of need for the project
  • demonstrating site compatibility through an environmental review process administered by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board, which then issued a certificate of site compatibility

We also helped prepare permit applications for air emissions, water appropriations, wetlands, and wastewater discharges; ascertained geotechnical characteristics for the plant’s foundation; evaluated human health risks; conducted noise modeling and investigated noise mitigation measures; and assisted with community relations and regulatory negotiations.

The Lakefield Junction plant has been operating successfully for over a decade.