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Ford assembly plant stormwater sustainability assessment and master plan

Ford assembly plant stormwater sustainability assessment and master plan
City of St. Paul

Anticipating the closure of the Ford assembly plant and subsequent site redevelopment, the city of Saint Paul commissioned a report to investigate the feasibility of low-impact stormwater management at the site. Barr developed a GIS database to present all available data and provide a tool for planners and decision makers in developing a stormwater master plan.

Following the feasibility study, the Capitol Region Watershed District, working with the city, hired Barr to develop master plan concepts for managing stormwater and the use of public space at the site once the 86-year-old plant was torn down. We gathered input and developed a district stormwater management concept linked to stakeholder goals for daylighting Hidden Falls Creek, restoring naturalized stream flows, and sustainability.

To help stakeholders understand and compare the alternatives, Barr analyzed the costs and benefits of alternatives using cost estimates and innovative tools such as life cycle assessments and sustainable return on investment. This analysis allowed the stakeholders to evaluate a broad range of project impacts on the site and throughout the community.

The master plan combines multiple stormwater treatment best management practices (BMPs) to provide significant runoff-volume reduction and improved water quality. It details several low-impact stormwater BMPs, including rainwater gardens and regional infiltration basins, as well as filtration basins to treat and remove pollutants in stormwater runoff.