work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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sustainable landscaping for corporate campus

sustainable landscaping for corporate campus
Maplewood, Minnesota

smart maintenance conserves energy

Barr was asked to create a master plan for the 3M Center campus that would reduce fuel and water consumption, minimize the use of chemicals, and present a neat, eco-friendly appearance.

Our plan focuses on replacing large areas of high-maintenance turf with natural, low-maintenance plantings. Prairies, ornamental beds, fescue lawns, and massed shrubs reduce the need for mowing, irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides. The plan also recommends energy-efficient LED lighting and onsite wind turbines and solar panels. As less landscape maintenance is required and more energy is conserved, 3M’s costs are reduced.

Phased implementation of the plan will allow testing of different landscape types so that the best options can be replicated throughout the campus.