work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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natural resources assessments for river corridor master plan

natural resources assessments for river corridor master plan
City of St. Paul, Parks and Recreation Department
St. Paul, Minnesota

model helped connect riverfront to urban neighborhoods

The goal of the Great River Passage master plan was to create a sustainable riverfront connecting open spaces to city neighborhoods along 17 miles of the Mississippi River flowing through St. Paul. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Barr was responsible for natural resource components of the plan, as well as water-quality analysis and design.

We developed a GIS-based landscape and ecological assessment model that guided infrastructure planning and formed the basis for natural resource restoration and management along the river corridor. Our resource analysis considered existing landscape information, ecological quality assessments, floodplains, wetlands, and other water bodies to create a resource sensitivity model that delineated appropriate levels of development and park activities.

We also defined the regulatory environment for future developments, investigated river management and stream daylighting opportunities, coordinated with agencies within the area on future management of water quality, and interpreted natural resource information at public events.