work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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green infrastructure along Green Line light rail corridor

green infrastructure along Green Line light rail corridor
Capitol Region Watershed District

low-impact design treats stormwater

Working with the Capitol Region Watershed District, the City of Saint Paul, and other consultants, Barr developed several stormwater treatment concepts for the urban light rail corridor that links Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We assisted with development of a final design that treats stormwater using underground infiltration trenches, incorporates an ambitious street tree and stormwater treatment design, and improves the aesthetics of the transit corridor. We also completed plans and specifications for construction of three stormwater planters.

Barr then assessed eight sites along the light rail corridor, considering their suitability for infiltration and filtration practices. We selected five locations that were most feasible for construction and maintenance and would best promote water quality, creativity, and education, and designed rainwater gardens and stormwater planters for these locations, incorporating public art where possible.

Barr also developed interpretive signage that was placed at the practices at 22 locations along the Green Line to educate the public on the importance of water quality and how the practices function. In 2014 the City of Saint Paul honored this project with the Sustainable Saint Paul Award for Water Quality.