work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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streets reconstructed using living streets framework

streets reconstructed using living streets framework
Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District
Maplewood, Minnesota

pedestrian safety improved and stormwater pollution reduced

Barr developed a living streets plan for Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District that uses the public right-of-way to treat stormwater and helps reduce pollution flowing to area lakes. Using this framework, the city of Maplewood is able to design street reconstruction projects that can be implemented with more efficiency and at a lower long-term cost than traditional road projects, while reducing impervious surfaces and treating runoff.

We designed and oversaw the retrofit of over a mile of residential street by narrowing it from 32 feet to 24 feet and by adding a sidewalk, 31 rainwater gardens, and 120 street trees. We also created an infiltration basin as a feature in a neighborhood park. We worked closely with city staff to educate residents about the value of the street changes, resulting in half agreeing to have a rainwater garden on their property.