work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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spillway design for taconite mine

spillway design for taconite mine
confidential mining client

spillway designed to keep pace with rising tailings levels

Barr has been helping a Minnesota iron mining company with design and maintenance of its tailings basin and dams for over 30 years. We recently designed a reinforced concrete spillway to replace a rock weir in the basin that was difficult to raise, required constant maintenance, and had a high risk of failure.

The new spillway features a series of concrete steps that dissipate the energy of the water as it is transferred from one tailings cell to the next. It is designed to be raised to accommodate additional tailings by increasing the height of the abutment walls and concrete steps, enabling it to accommodate tailings storage for the current planned life of the mine. The spillway is also designed so that operations can continue in one bay of the spillway while additional steps are added to the other.