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environmental assessment and permitting for fiber-optic corridor

environmental assessment and permitting for fiber-optic corridor
Enventis Telecom
Minnesota and Wisconsin

NEPA review and permitting assistance helps provide broadband access to rural communities

Many rural communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin have limited or no access to low-cost broadband services. In 2010, Duluth-based telecom company Enventis, a member of the Greater Minnesota Broadband Collaborative, received $16.8 million in federal stimulus grants to construct a 413-mile fiber network that will provide high-speed Internet access to businesses, healthcare and educational institutions, libraries, and governmental organizations in 33 counties.

Enventis hired Barr to prepare an environmental assessment for construction and operation of the fiber-optic network. We are conducting the assessment in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which awarded the grant money. Barr is also helping Enventis obtain local, state, and federal permits for installing the fiber-optic system, including utility permits for using public rights-of-way, water-body and wetland-crossing permits, and NPDES permits for managing stormwater during construction.