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Miller Hill Mall stormwater management plan

Miller Hill Mall stormwater management plan
South St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District

green infrastructure practices target parking lot’s stormwater runoff

The Miller Hill Mall is one of the largest impervious sites in the Miller Creek watershed, which is impaired for biota due to a lack of cold-water assemblage. Heated stormwater runoff was identified as a major contributor to Miller Creek’s thermal load, negatively impacting the native brook trout population. Barr was hired to develop a stormwater management plan that would provide a strategy for mitigating the impacts of thermally enriched stormwater runoff from the mall’s 50 acres of impervious parking lot.

Barr developed an XP-SWMM model to evaluate how rainfall runs across the site. To understand the effects of thermally enriched stormwater runoff, the MINnesota Urban Heat Export Tool (MINUHET) simulation model was used to calculate the heat export for storm events. This information helped identify where green-infrastructure best management practices should be placed to reduce impervious surfaces, increase baseflow/groundwater recharge, and increase shading.

Barr worked closely with stakeholders to better understand broader community needs and goals. We facilitated a two-day design workshop to discuss preferred stormwater features and brainstorm ideas for inclusion of educational elements.