work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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ravine stabilization and restoration feasibility study

ravine stabilization and restoration feasibility study
City of Savage

analysis and modeling identify erosion-control options

Utica Ravine has a 730-foot channel that drains into the Credit River in Savage, Minnesota. Increased development in the area caused erosion in the ravine, which became a major sediment contributor to the river, which is impaired for turbidity.

Barr performed a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and feasibility study to evaluate options for channel stabilization and identify an approach that would meet the needs of the city and adjacent property owners. The selected option features permanent non-photo-degrading turf-reinforcing material (TRM) and boulder riffles. Vegetation can grow through the TRM to enhance the ravine while protecting it from erosion.

We used modeling to determine channel design dimensions and to assure that selected materials were sized to contain and resist a 100-year storm event.  City staff then prepared the final design and oversaw construction.