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remediation of pipeline release

remediation of pipeline release
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When a Minnesota pipeline released more than 200,000 gallons of petroleum that flowed into an existing excavation and a wooded area, Barr was hired to assist with site cleanup. We first observed the initial recovery of 100,000 gallons of product by the client and its contractor and then assisted with excavating 10,000 cubic yards of affected soil and helped characterize the resulting waste.

To understand the site’s complicated geology and hydrogeology, we oversaw soil borings to characterize the site conditions, which included a clay layer that potentially could allow contaminants to infiltrate into the ground if not mitigated. This led us to design and install an engineered rock trench with collection pipes to recover residual product and two low-permeability barrier walls to provide containment.

Barr installed a nested monitoring-well network to assess potential groundwater impacts. The network surrounds the excavated area, and monitoring results show there was minimal contaminant migration. The remediation has been successful, and the site received complete regulatory closure.

We also assisted with stormwater permitting and helped with site restoration, including revegetating the wooded area and adding prairie grasses and wildflowers on and around the excavated area.