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natural resources inventory and stewardship recommendations

natural resources inventory and stewardship recommendations
Washington County Parks
Denmark Township, Minnesota

recommendations lay foundation for thoughtfully planned growth

Barr ecologists surveyed Denmark Township’s 27 square miles to assess the status of the area’s natural resources. While the township featured significant pristine areas—many of them adjacent to the St. Croix River—past land-management practices had adversely affected wildlife habitat, woodland quality, and soil stability.

After completing plant-community surveys and employing the Minnesota Land Classification System, Barr created a detailed natural-resources inventory, including maps that showed resource-quality rankings, invasive-species distribution, wildlife habitat, and priority areas for restoration.

The illustrated document featured stewardship recommendations and strategies for protecting the township’s natural resources, including regulatory initiatives, legal and contractual options, and incentive and education programs. It presented a blueprint for private landowners and public entities to follow as they worked together to preserve and restore the natural landscape—the community's first step in developing a long-term growth plan.