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Aghaming Park trail system plan

Aghaming Park trail system plan
City of Winona

ecological assessment guides trail design

Barr conducted an ecological assessment of Aghaming Park that identified several rare plants and eight federal- or state-protected bird speicies. We also determined that off-road vehicles were causing extensive damage and that buckthorn, an invasive species, was destroying native habitat. Working with the park’s advisory committee and with extensive citizen input, we completed a plan to protect sensitive habitat, repair damage, provide access for fishing, and lay trails.

The design itself includes an interpretive trail loop that educates visitors about the historical, ecological, and cultural value of the park. Due to frequent flooding, a portion of the trail is designed as a floating walkway to give visitors the rare opportunity to view a forested floodplain during flood stage.

In total, Barr designed 12,400 feet of trail and 3,200 feet of gravel access roads. Our design provides visitors with easy access to a dynamic, but fragile, ecosystem while also encouraging its protection.