work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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residential conservation development

residential conservation development
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Hanover, Minnesota

ecological design preserves nature and city growth

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency hired Barr to design a prototype ecological corridor for the city of Hanover and recommend a process of residential development outside the corridor that minimizes environmental impact, slows urban sprawl, and preserve the city’s rural character.

With the conservation design process in mind, we created two development layouts. These plans identified alternative patterns of growth that accommodate and respect natural resources. The compact development creates a distinct neighborhood and promotes a sense of community through a system of interconnected parks and trails.

The need for landscape maintenance, fertilization, and irrigation is reduced by keeping lot size manageable. Stormwater runoff is minimized by limiting the amount of pavement. Natural waterways, woodlands, and wetlands protect the natural function of the land, and former agricultural fields are restored to prairie.

The Hanover city council adopted the conservation design ordinance written by Barr.