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Minnesota Falls dam removal

Minnesota Falls dam removal

process established for future dam removals

Xcel Energy hired Barr to explore options for repairing, replacing, or removing the Minnesota Falls dam, located on the Minnesota River downstream of Granite Falls, Minnesota. Barr collected data and held public meetings to gain public input on the options being considered. We determined that removal of the dam was the best option with the lowest cost and long-term maintenance requirements. It would also result in the lowest risk for Xcel Energy.

Initial efforts focused on hydraulic modeling, evaluation of project impacts, investigation of removal methods, and preliminary design. Permit applications were submitted in early 2012 with final site restoration completed in fall 2013.

The removal of the Minnesota Falls dam is the one of the few complete dam removals in Minnesota. It helped establish a permitting process for future dam removals, improved the upstream channel for spawning of several rare fish species, and created an attractive stretch of river for canoeing and kayaking.

time lapse video of project