work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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reclamation of legacy tailings site

reclamation of legacy tailings site
multiple confidential clients

The remediation and reclamation of mine-waste sites is often challenging, but this particular project had the added difficulty of being located in an industrial park adjacent to residential neighborhoods.

The 150-acre National Mine tailings site in Park Hills, Missouri, was a former lead-mining and -milling site that shut down in the 1930s. Barr has worked with multiple confidential clients at the site since 1999 on geotechnical investigations, conceptual design strategies, an engineering evaluation and cost analysis for those strategies, and a design for slope stabilization and cover to keep waste material from migrating off site. We've also provided construction observation and design modifications, and collaborated with federal and city officials to be certain the reclamation design is compatible with community plans for the site.

In addition, we helped coordinate and communicate with approximately 50 landowners at the industrial park site to enlist their cooperation. Our design was completed in three phases over a two-year period.