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carbon emissions inventory

carbon emissions inventory
confidential manufacturing client

emissions inventory lets client compare greenhouse-gas impacts of production methods

Faced with a new federal mandate to reduce air emissions, a Missouri manufacturing client needed to decide whether to cut back on production, cease operations entirely, or convert its traditional smelting process to a new production technology.

As part of a pre-feasibility study evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of each option, the company asked Barr to conduct a carbon emissions inventory to determine the extent to which the new metal-smelting method would reduce CO2 emissions. Using accepted international protocols, we assessed the greenhouse-gas impacts of the current smelting method, which relies on fuel combustion, and the proposed process, which would generate fewer combustion-related emissions but consume more electricity.

The company is now incorporating the results of our study, along with subsequent emission inventories, in a design feasibility analysis for an anticipated conversion to the new technology.