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permitting and engineering services for windpower projects

permitting and engineering services for windpower projects
Minnesota Power
North Dakota

comprehensive environmental and engineering services help client meet aggressive schedules

Barr provided environmental permitting support for three 100 to 105 MW windpower projects in central North Dakota: Minnesota Power’s Bison 2 and Bison 3 projects and ALLETE Clean Energy’s “Clean Energy 1” project. Our services included conducting a desktop study of environmental and regulatory constraints; performing and coordinating environmental and cultural field studies; consulting with local, state, and federal agencies and preparing permit applications; performing a Phase I environmental site assessment; and developing a stormwater pollution-prevention plan.

The Bison 2 and 3 projects are now in service; the ALLETE Clean Energy project received all required permits but is not yet under construction.

In concert with environmental permitting support for the Bison 2 and 3 projects, Barr provided engineering services. We conducted geotechnical investigations for, and designed, turbine foundations, roads, and crane paths, and also designed electrical systems. Our permitting and engineering teams worked closely together to identify risks and deliver final site layouts and designs that satisfied regulatory requirements—such as avoiding construction in wetlands—while meeting the client’s construction schedule and energy production goals.