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North Dakota pipeline release remediation

North Dakota pipeline release remediation
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North Dakota

wintertime petroleum cleanup saves time and money

When a pipeline failure in the middle of winter caused the release of crude oil in North Dakota near the Canadian border, Barr provided environmental cleanup assistance following emergency response actions. The project proved particularly challenging due to temperatures and wind chills that often dipped well below zero.

We began by helping delineate impacted areas then assisted with planning and managed remediation of hundreds of cubic yards of contaminated snow. We also guided the excavation and disposal of contaminated soil. Snow was placed in a lined earthen-berm containment area on site that we designed and for which we directed construction. It was then covered and melted with mobile heaters.

Vacuum trucks collected the melted oil-water mixture for recycling, and the residual contaminated sediment was removed from the containment cell for disposal. More than 7,000 tons of soil were excavated and sent to landfills, including one in Manitoba. Barr helped obtain special permission to send the soil to the Canadian landfill and provided the special waste profiles required to ship non-hazardous impacted soil over the border.

We also performed confirmation sampling to document post-remediation site conditions, paving the way for site closure. After we prepared and submitted the final report, our client received a “no further action” determination from the ND Department of Health within six months of release. Completion of remediation in a single phase helped avoid the escalated effort that would have resulted due to a spring thaw.