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ethanol-plant permitting and compliance

ethanol-plant permitting and compliance
confidential fuels client

comprehensive environmental support at multiple plants

Barr has provided environmental permitting and compliance assistance to a fuels producer with ethanol plants in eight states. The company initially hired us to evaluate the air quality compliance status of one plant and soon after asked us to prepare a permit application for a plant expansion to double production capacity. Our work for the application included conducting a BACT analysis and performing air dispersion modeling to determine the expansion's impact on the surrounding area.

Barr has since provided our client with environmental services at its plants across the country, including:

  • Modifying water-discharge and air-quality operating permits
  • Implementing and providing technical assistance for leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs
  • Preparing and updating EPCRA and SARA reports
  • Preparing industrial stormwater pollution-prevention plans 
  • Preparing emissions reports, compliance status reports, and compliance certifications
  • Preparing and updating facility-response and risk-management plans
  • Preparing  stack test plans and performing compliance and engineering testing for facility sources including thermal oxidizers, fermentation scrubbers, baghouses, and fugitive sources
  • Auditing multimedia compliance programs
  • Providing short-term, supplemental on-site environmental staffing during plant startups and staff transitions