work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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master landscape plan and site design for environmental college

master landscape plan and site design for environmental college
Northland College

recurring natural elements unify campus and frame open areas

When Northland College decided its campus should reflect the ethos of its environmental education program, it hired Barr to assist with its campus design initiatives. Following brainstorming sessions with students, faculty, and staff, we integrated their ideas on campus appearance and function into new master and site plans.

Our design reintroduced native northwoods plant communities throughout campus while preserving an orderly appearance. A series of parking lots were planted with drought-tolerant native plantings. Nearby, stormwater meadows filter pavement runoff. An aboveground stormwater management system mimics the natural depression and swale systems of the region. The site design also provides opportunities for outdoor classrooms and research.

After adopting the master plan, Northland engaged Barr  to complete site designs its central mall and three new buildings.