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air-quality permitting assistance

air-quality permitting assistance
confidential industrial-sands client

An industrial sands company developing a greenfield site hired Barr to devise a strategy for securing an air permit to build and operate the facility on a fast-track basis. The client wanted to start construction six months before permit issuance and begin shipping sand to customers six to nine months after that.

Barr’s environmental engineers and scientists began by working with the client and our process engineers to define an initial project scope that yielded parameters for the project size. With these parameters, we prepared an initial emissions inventory that was key to determining whether the facility would be (1) considered a major or minor emissions source and (2) eligible for a waiver allowing construction to begin before a permit was issued.

On behalf of our client, Barr prepared and submitted an application for the construction waiver, which was granted. After verifying that the facility’s annual production goal of 1.8 million tons of dry sand would keep it under the major-source threshold, we also prepared and submitted an application for a synthetic minor-source operating permit, which was also granted. During these processes, our engineers and scientists supported the client in negotiating permit conditions with the state regulatory agency and in responding to questions during the public-notice meeting.

Receiving the waiver and permit allowed the company to meet its aggressive construction and operation target dates. The facility began producing sand 14 months after the project kickoff meeting with Barr.