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former manufactured-gas-plant remediation and redevelopment

former manufactured-gas-plant remediation and redevelopment
confidential client
Midwestern U.S.

Barr assisted a Midwestern utility company in managing and ultimately remediating a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) on the grounds of an electrical generating station. Constructed in the mid-1800s, the MGP had operated until the 1950s. Our client’s initial goal was to manage MGP residuals with minimal impact to the generating station's operations.

Barr conducted an interim-action options study and evaluated several potential in-situ remedial actions that conformed to state regulations. Based on the results we recommended a combination of soil-vapor extraction and bio-venting technologies and then helped our client with a two-year performance demonstration.

Following the successful demonstration, our client wanted to expand an existing electrical substation onto a portion of the project site.We assisted with project planning and developed detailed specifications for contaminated soil management; demolition and debris cleaning; emission controls; and collection, treatment, and discharge of contaminated groundwater and runoff. The work included coordination between our client and the remediation contractor to facilitate removal of historical contamination near two subsurface, high-voltage cables associated with the existing substation and to prepare the geotechnical foundation for the new facility.

In addition to design work, we assisted the client with contractor selection, provided construction observation and testing, and prepared a report to document the work. We later prepared a case-closure package for the site that was approved by the state’s closure committee.