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support for post-fire cleanup

support for post-fire cleanup
United States

helping mitigate PFAS risk from fire-fighting operations

After a fire at an oil refinery, Barr was hired to provide emergency response services and longer-term environmental monitoring activities. We worked with our client and the state environmental agency to determine treatment objectives and permit a temporary, emergency per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) water treatment system to remove PFAS compounds in stormwater and fire-water ponds resulting from the use of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF). We also provided general environmental compliance support during the cleanup and reconstruction activities.

Barr conducted sampling and observation activities associated with PFAS-impacted water and potential stormwater runoff. Sampling events were conducted using industry best practices associated with PFAS sampling to prevent cross contamination. Off-site surface water bodies were inspected from the banks and by boat for evidence of contamination associated with the fire.

We also assisted in designing, permitting, and installing a granular activated carbon (GAC) water treatment and ion exchange (IX) system to treat PFAS-impacted water. Once the system was operational, Barr conducted routine treatment-system sampling activities and tracked operational effectiveness. We also assisted with identifying regulatory requirements triggered by the event, prepared incident follow-up reports, assisted with waste management and disposal, and provided facility contractor oversight.

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