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tainter-gate replacement program

tainter-gate replacement program
We Energies
Michigan and Wisconsin

developing program for multiple sites provides both cost savings and improvements

Barr has been working with We Energies on a program to replace spillway tainter gates at seven of the utility’s hydroelectric power plants in Michigan and Wisconsin: Chalk Hill, Lower Paint, Michigamme Falls, Pine, Twin Falls, Way Dam, and White Rapids. The gate-replacement program started after a particularly costly year of rehabilitating existing spillways gates, which involved difficult work and access conditions, the presence of lead-based paint, and uncertain geometric restraints like piers being out of plumb.

The new replacement program involves review of existing conditions, design option development, mechanical and structural engineering, and design-report preparation. For each of the facilities, the detailed design includes new steel tainter gates, bearing housings, and trunnion-pin connection modifications. Project-specific improvements, such as winter-operation heating methods, operator-building structural modifications, and concrete repair and rehabilitation, are also part of the program.

During the construction phase, Barr also works with the fabrication and installation contractors and reviews shop drawings, submittals, and RFIs; responds to questions; and conducts site visits to coordinate design changes if necessary.

Replacement costs have been significantly less than rehabilitation costs. Additional benefits of the replacement program include better performance, less debris accumulation and corrosion, a reduction in wave overtopping, easier maintenance, and a longer service life.