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engineering design and environmental permitting strategy

engineering design and environmental permitting strategy
confidential mining client

integrating engineering and environmental work yields optimum strategy for increasing production

Barr has worked with a Wyoming trona-mining client for nearly 25 years. In 2012 we began working with the company on a joint engineering and environmental project to increase production by debottlenecking processes throughout the plant. Our client had identified 16 processes for optimization, ranging from underground mining and hoisting to crushing, grinding, calcining, shipping, and disposing of tailings.

Barr completed basic engineering designs for optimizing each of the 16 processes, including plans and specifications and estimated costs. Our client used the designs to develop a strategy for implementing the work based on cost and increased production.

Integrated with the engineering work was an environmental component. Barr reviewed multimedia permitting requirements for the modified processes and then determined the implications of permitting various combinations of the 16 processes. We analyzed four possible process combinations and worked with the company to create an overall engineering and permitting strategy. This master plan served as a blueprint for implementing process modifications in the way that best balanced permitting schedules and costs. As part of the project, Barr also prepared applications for necessary minor air permits.

Our client is currently implementing the first phase of modifications, which involves changes to tailings disposal and the management of pondwater and process water.