work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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groundwater contamination screening and recommendations

groundwater contamination screening and recommendations
AGT Food and Ingredients
Gibbons, Alberta

investigation verifies groundwater okay for discharge into municipal sanitary-sewer system

When excavation for a new foundation at AGT Foods’ seed-cleaning facility revealed potentially contaminated groundwater, Barr was hired to analyze another consultant’s sampling and analytical testing results. Our screening confirmed a potential issue with petroleum hydrocarbons and a possible septic system impairment. However, we determined that because the results were below local regulatory concentration limits, the facility would be able to discharge local groundwater through its drain-tile and sump system into the sanitary sewer system.

Though the groundwater impairment didn’t appear to pose a significant risk to human health or the environment, Barr recommended that AGT complete reasonable due diligence through a Phase I site assessment.

The source of petroleum hydrocarbons in local groundwater was unknown, but the client wanted to assess whether the source potentially could be from current or past use of the property. Barr identified a small hydraulic unit and the presence of minor staining in the direct vicinity of the observed groundwater impact. We then recommended minor corrective actions such as placing the unit on a containment pad and providing protection and ongoing maintenance for the hydraulic hoses.