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geotechnical assistance for mine expansion at Julienne Lake

geotechnical assistance for mine expansion at Julienne Lake
Altius Resources, Inc.
Labrador, Canada

critical analysis is completed on fast-track schedule

Altius Resources was considering development of an iron ore deposit at Julienne Lake in Labrador, Canada. Due to the deposit’s location, the client hired Barr to assist with the geotechnical portion of a conceptual study needed on an aggressive schedule.

Our team completed a seepage and stability analysis for the proposed dyke that would surround an open-pit iron mine in Julienne Lake. Because this would be only one of a few dykes of this type in the world, verifying its viability was critical to the project. Another critical aspect was the proposed 525-meter-high pit wall adjacent to the dyke, which we analyzed as well.

Barr’s work involved characterizing the geotechnical and hydrogeologic parameters of geologic materials. We also developed dyke-construction methodology options along with a schedule and cost estimate and provided scope recommendations and estimated costs for future field investigations. Additionally, we developed geotechnical and hydrogeologic investigation programs for both the project’s prefeasibility and feasibility phases.