Barr’s employee-owners relish opportunities to dive into the intricate puzzles presented by each manufacturing project. Our engineers and environmental scientists serve as agile, collaborative partners to our clients, going beyond what’s expected to convert complex problems into long-lasting, sustainable solutions. Our unique project approach helps you navigate hurdles at each stage of a facility’s environmental lifecycle – from acquisition and development through permitting, compliance, pollution control, operational support, and legacy contamination management.

At Barr, we’ve designed our business to optimize yours. Our solutions balance innovation and efficiency to meet your needs in a world of shifting regulations, dynamic markets—and big opportunities.

Dealing with PFAS-related concerns? Learn more about Barr’s industry-leading PFAS services.

This map shows areas in the United States, Canada, and around the world where Barr has provided services to clients in the manufacturing sector.

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Microplastics: What are they and what can be done about them?
By: Sara BinAhmed-Menzies and Mike Ellis