Closure and reclamation

Closure and reclamation planning typically begins with the earliest development of a mine. Barr’s mine planners assess reclamation, reuse, and repurposing potential within the constraints and opportunities presented by the physical setting, land ownership, ore body, regulatory requirements, mine type, and community interests.

As mines operate, things change, and having an adaptable plan is crucial. Barr assists clients by evaluating the consequences of these changes so their liabilities (such as bond requirements and long-term costs) can be minimized and their assets (such as land holding) can be maximized. We also work to reduce rehandling of tailings, mine rock, and water so these materials end up in the right place when it is time for the mine to close and the next land use to begin. In addition, Barr has assisted clients to close legacy facilities where no closure planning has been completed by addressing engineering, environmental, regulatory, and safety concerns. 

This map shows areas in the United States, Canada, and around the world where Barr has provided services to clients in the mining sector.

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