Energy storage

When it comes to energy storage, Barr understands what it takes to integrate storage into existing power systems. We also understand how the industry is evaluating emerging energy storage concepts and planning for a low-carbon and sustainable energy future. From battery storage and fuel cells to pumped storage and compressed air, we can help you choose the energy storage solution that will best fit your needs now while supporting your future clean energy plans.

Barr’s project development services will help you evaluate your project’s feasibility with high-level or detailed cost estimates and preliminary designs. To strategically plan your energy storage project, our engineers also perform geotechnical, civil, and structural and foundation design; conduct code reviews; and evaluate safety, hazard, and environmental impacts. Barr's system engineers can help you select safe, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions to your energy storage project that cover battery selection, electrical design, protection and control design, SCADA, and more. For a smooth, trouble-free construction process, we also assist with equipment procurement, bid administration, and vendor and contractor negotiations. Barr performs environmental and safety reporting, performance testing, and recommissioning for a proactive approach to operations and maintenance.

This map shows areas in the United States, Canada, and around the world where Barr has provided services to clients in the power sector.

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