Transmission and distribution

For five decades, we’ve partnered with small municipal utilities, gas gathering operators, and interstate transmission companies. Our focus: finding innovative solutions to complex transmission projects amidst changing regulations, markets, and technologies. With clients at the center of everything we do, we believe in our work—and the outcomes we deliver.

Whether you’re seeking to add horsepower, improve reliability, or meet environmental requirements, our engineering and environmental experts bring more to the table: passion, thoughtfulness, and ingenuity right from the start. Together, we’ll take your project from the first feasibility studies and regulatory negotiations through construction, startup, and turn-over. At Barr, we solve your problems as if they were our own. So, you’ll have partners that balance cost, schedule, and other crucial parameters to deliver lasting solutions.

This map shows areas in the United States, Canada, and around the world where Barr has provided services to clients in the power sector.

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