Thoughtful review of development plans requires coordination with developers, engineers, planners, and municipal staff. Barr reviews hundreds of development plans each year to preserve natural resources and protect residents from flooding. Depending on the client, our reviews can assess the development drainage, erosion, water quality and supply, fish and wildlife, air quality, aesthetics, and historic landmarks, as well as compliance with zoning ordinances. We also help clients understand environmental issues related to compliance with watershed, state, and federal rules and regulations.

When reviewing development plans and proposals, we evaluate all aspects critical to successful, resilient development without compromising the integrity of the site. Engineering and environmental concerns can range from onsite waste and contamination issues, including from previously developed sites like brownfields, to protection of forests, meadows, wetlands, and other natural landscapes. From our broad base of engineers, scientists, and environmental specialists, you can draw on Barr’s expertise required for each unique project.

This map shows areas in the United States and Canada where Barr has provided services to public-sector clients.

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