Civil engineering

Designing for what’s next

At Barr, we’re driven to solve your most complex challenges. When it comes to planning, design, construction, and maintenance of public works or fixed structures, our civil engineering experts deliver both efficiency and impact. We focus on the details while also keeping the big picture in mind, so you can expect lasting, effective outcomes for your next project. Our focus areas include flood-control and earth works, industrial facilities, roads, railroads, utilities, and more.

Whether a project involves grading and drainage, site preparation, or erosion control, our experts account for known site geology and compliance with local codes to deliver optimized solutions. We’ll convert your challenges into opportunity as we prepare and review grading plans, determine property and building foundation setbacks from slopes and rockfall hazards, and provide observation during site work. Need help with planning, design, contract-document preparation, bidding, or construction administration and observation services for site utilities, such as stormwater, sanitary-sewer, water, power, and gas systems? You have a ready partner to help transform your organization’s ambitions into reality.

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