Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering involves understanding geology, groundwater, foundations, earthwork, and the load and deformation characteristics of soil and rock. Successful geotechnical engineering depends on the experience, knowledge, and acquisition of representative and reliable data to reduce uncertainty. To help manage our clients’ risk, Barr’s geotechnical engineers combine this insight with the application of the appropriate analysis tools and techniques.

Depending on the complexity and hazards of a site, our geotechnical evaluations range from preliminary estimations to advanced field and laboratory testing and sophisticated computer modeling. By matching the right tools to the project, Barr’s experienced in-house team of more than 70 geotechnical engineers and specialists identify the best possible project solutions for clients across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Barr’s geotechnical engineering team provides a wide array of services related to foundations, dams, embankments, landslides, soil-structure interaction, earth-retaining structures, excavations, and underground structures. We also offer geotechnical services for ground improvement, geotechnical modeling, instrumentation and monitoring, in-situ testing, geophysics, soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, geosynthetics, and groundwater and seepage.

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