Process engineering

Expertise is just the beginning

In a world of experts, our process engineers bring more to the table: passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity, right from the start. You can expect customized solutions for design projects involving metallurgical, chemical, mechanical, and mineral process engineering. At Barr, we keep the big picture in mind, optimizing our approach to achieve your primary objective while also accounting for sustainability and environmental and safety hazards. With our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, and ability to innovate, you can count on better outcomes and exceptional results.

With expertise that spans a wide range of industries—including specialty chemicals, power generation, manufacturing research and development, water and wastewater treatment, mining, and fuels (including biofuels and hydrogen)—we’ll work closely with you early in the process to develop your concept. Then we’ll help you to bring your concept to life from detailed design to commissioning. You’ll find lasting solutions to today’s most important problems, like providing food, potable water, goods, and energy to a growing population—all while adapting to climate change and shifting environmental and safety regulations.

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