Structural engineering

Accurate structural designs are crucial to the safety and long-term structural integrity of complicated and simple designs alike. People put trust in structural engineers every time they enter a building, cross a bridge, or enjoy an amusement park ride; they trust that the structural engineering team had the experience and knowledge to provide practical, safe plans.

Barr designs, evaluates, and rehabilitates a wide range of structures, including foundations, retaining structures, material conveyance structures, buildings, bridges, amusement park rides, wind turbine foundations, hydraulic structures and dams. Using the best in technology from finite element analysis to steel optimization software, we provide structural integrity solutions our clients can rely on.

We design new structures and repair or rehabilitate existing ones. Our structural engineers create designs using new and tried-and-true construction methods and materials, established theories of statics and mechanics, and state-of-the-art design theory and software. This gives rehabilitation efforts a broad focus that helps us to understand where original designs came from, not just where they are headed.

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