Structural engineering

Built to last

Accurate structural design is crucial to safety—and the long-term integrity of your project. With Barr, you’ll work with experts who understand what’s at stake for you. We’re passionate about converting every structural engineering challenge into a resounding success. From design to evaluation to rehabilitation, our expertise spans a wide range of structures, including foundations, retaining structures, material conveyance structures, buildings, bridges, amusement park rides, wind turbine foundations, hydraulic structures, and dams.

Whether we’re designing new structures or repairing or rehabilitating existing ones, we create designs that capitalize on our broad experience and center on your priorities. We use both new and tried-and-true construction methods and materials, established theories of statics and mechanics, and state-of-the-art design theory and software, such as finite element analysis and steel optimization software. Count on the team at Barr for design integrity, unparalleled commitment, and structural solutions you can trust for the long term.

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