Environmental permitting

Because your success is ours

Providing exceptional client experiences—at Barr, that’s our fundamental focus. We’re the partners who help solve your problems as if they were our own. Backed by our experience with hundreds of mining, power, fuels, manufacturing, and other clients, our permitting and compliance experts will help you navigate the complexities of obtaining permits for air quality, wastewater management and discharge, and solid and hazardous waste management.

We start by putting your facility’s processes in the context of your business goals. Then we work with you to develop permitting strategies that meet regulatory criteria—and support flexible, sustainable operations. If you’re looking for extra tools to help your permitting and compliance needs, our team has you covered with digital solutions, such as the Barr Tank Emission Calculation Spreadsheet (BTECS), as well as tailored applications of other software and data management tools. Together, we’ll help you identify practical solutions that lead to lasting, positive outcomes.

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