Climate mitigation and carbon management

Barr believes in a holistic approach to addressing climate concerns, tailoring solutions to best fit our client’s needs. We can help assess your carbon footprint through greenhouse gas accounting, analysis of your carbon-cycle management, cost-of-carbon evaluations, and more.

We help clients balance practical project schedules with the advancement of new, innovative technologies to help meet their commitments to long-term sustainability goals. Energy usage greatly impacts carbon intensity, so we help our clients use energy resourcefully in projects that integrate renewable energy, energy storage, efficiency upgrades, and electrification. When designing and implementing carbon management projects, we work with our clients to identify ways to lower carbon intensity or convert carbon to value-added products. Barr provides a broad spectrum of decarbonization services from fundamental approaches like designing sustainable landscapes to complex and innovative technologies like alternative fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon capture .

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