Ecosystem restoration and natural resources planning

Designing with care

You’re striving to achieve the delicate balance between community needs and environmental vitality. Our collaborative teams of ecologists, engineers, and landscape architects work in unison to support your success. We’ll breathe life back into ecosystems, as well as deliver innovative solutions that benefit communities. Through meticulous examination of broken links, we craft strategic plans to repair and restore degraded ecosystems so they’re vibrant, diverse, ecologically functional, and economically sustainable.

Our approach extends to natural resources planning, encompassing urban, agricultural, and industrial environments. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of impacts and identifying factors contributing to environmental degradation, we then develop strategies to mitigate these impacts. The result is a roadmap for natural resources regeneration, covering a spectrum of approaches such as urban forest planning, soils regeneration, wildlife and pollinator habitat restoration, stormwater reuse, impervious surface reduction, urban heat island mitigation, climate adaptation, and more.

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