Ecosystem restoration and natural resources planning

Ecosystems are intricate webs of organisms interacting with their physical environment, and people impact these systems to accommodate our lifestyles. Barr’s ecologists, engineers, and landscape architects team to regenerate ecosystems through careful examination of broken links and devising strategies for repair. We help restore degraded ecosystems to cultivate diverse plant communities that are both ecologically functional and cost effective to maintain.

Natural resources planning provides regeneration schemes for the built environment—urban, agricultural, and industrial. The first step is to assess impacts and identify issues causing environmental degradation. Then, we develop thoughtful strategies to mitigate the impacts and set a course for natural resources regeneration. Natural resources regeneration includes urban forest planning, soils regeneration, wildlife and pollinator habitat regeneration, stormwater reuse, impervious surface reduction, urban heat island mitigation, climate adaptation, and much more.

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