Al Reich

Al Reich

Al has experience with air quality permitting, environmental compliance, and related work. He prepares emission inventories, chemical mass balances, monitoring plans, permit applications, and air-quality regulatory applicability analyses. In particular, he works with petroleum pipeline terminals and refineries to develop emission calculations for storage tanks, perform inspections to verify compliance, and develop regulatory compliance programs. Al also provides assistance with other environmental and regulatory-program work, such as such as waste management, Toxics Release Inventory reporting, Toxic Substances Control Act program development, risk management, and site evaluation and investigation. He manages the Barr Tank Emission Calculation Spreadsheet (BTECS), a Microsoft Excel-based tool designed to calculate emissions from storage tanks.



Senior Chemical Engineer


BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota-Duluth


Barr Engineering Co.
325 South Lake Avenue
Suite 700
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: +1 218-529-7144

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