Beau Thurman

Beau Thurman

Beau has nearly 15 years of experience assisting clients with permitting, compliance, and applicability determinations for environmental regulations focused on air quality. At Barr, he evaluates compliance programs, determines air permit and regulation applicability, prepares air permit applications, performs air emission calculations, and provides onsite compliance assistance. He is part of the team that developed Barr Tank Emission Calculation Spreadsheet (BTECS), a Microsoft Excel-based tool designed to calculate emissions from storage tanks.


Beau’s work has included maintaining and upgrading continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) programs, completing air permit applications for new crude-oil storage terminals, and inspecting floating-roof storage tanks for compliance with federal and state regulations. He has worked with petroleum refineries, chemical plants, taconite mines, crude-oil and gasoline storage terminals, power plants, and hospitals.



Senior Chemical Engineer


BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota-Duluth


Barr Engineering Co.
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Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: +1 218-529-7123

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