Oil sands facilities

Barr’s multidisciplinary experts work together to provide uniquely qualified teams to assist the oil sands industry. Our geotechnical, environmental, process, mechanical, mining, electrical, and civil engineers; air-quality experts; groundwater modelers; toxicologists; geologists; public-affairs advisors; wetland specialists; and limnologist collaborate with world-renowned technical experts in tailings and soft sediments to develop leading-edge solutions to our clients’ problems. We can help with mine tailings transport and deposition engineering, technology development, technology evaluations, air emissions monitoring, wildlife assessments, geotechnical engineering and numerical modelling, gas generation in tailings, stack testing, geotechnical evaluation of consolidation and strength gain, aquatic and terrestrial reclamation and closure, tailings capping, and more.

This map shows U.S. states and Canadian provinces where Barr has provided services to clients in the fuels sector.

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